Transitioning Back

Hello all, we hope you were all able to stay safe from the fires and make a smooth transition back to school. If not, please seek out the resources that the school has put together. In Schulz 3001, the school has set up a resource center for any students who have questions about how certain aspects of the transition will go, as well as much more specific details of other resources that are offered.

On an even more personal note, one of our own has been directly affected by the fire. A CHEM 125 student from Santa Rosa, Sarahi Aguilera, as well as her family, have lost their home. Here is a link to her gofundme page, please, please help out in any way you can. Any amount will help her and her family try to rebuild and help her continue her studies at Sonoma State.

Continue to stay safe and help those who are in need.

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Hello all,

Don’t forget, today is the chem club bbq at 4:00PM at Magnolia Park in M-section. Check the flyer for directions if you don’t know how to get there. Food will be provided but additional snacks, drinks and desserts are more than welcome. It’s a great way to meet and socialize with your fellow classmates and faculty, so we hope to see you all there!

P.S. We may or may not have a tie-dye kit so bring your boring white shirts to possibly make them conjugated and colorful.


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Swirl Time Fundraiser

Hello everyone,

We will be having a Swirl Time fundraiser next Tuesday, September 26th. 20% of all purchases from Swirl Time from 11AM to 10PM will go to chem club to help fund all of the exciting events we have planned for the year. So be sure to get out and get some frozen yogurt, as it is supposed to be around 90 degrees that day (about 305 K if you’re calculating some thermodynamic parameters).

Please make sure to give them or show them the flyer when you make your purchase, otherwise 20% of your purchase will not go to chem club. If you don’t have a flyer yet, you can either print it out from this post or just show them it on your phone when you go.


Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 7.38.45 PM

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Welcome back

Welcome back all returning chem club students and welcome to the incoming freshmen and transfer students who may be thinking about joining chem club. Our first meeting will be on 9/5/17 at 12:00 P.M. in Darwin 107. Free pizza as usual. We will be going over the semester and all of the events we will (or might) have, so be sure to show up!

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Website is back up and running

Hey everyone,

The website will now be utilized to inform everyone about what is going on and what is planned for chem club. Make sure to check this website frequently, as well as the facebook page and your email, to stay up to date about whats going on. We have added a calendar events section that will have all of our upcoming events posted there.

For any questions, email

2017-2018 Officers

President: Liridona Leti

Vice President: Valeria Suarez

Treasurer: Annika Holm

Secretary: Claire Sylvia

Events Coordinators: Lucero Alvarez and Veronica Martinez

Webmaster General: Brandon Jolly

Pizza: Mark Baros

Stand Ins: Elizabeth Duran and Blaine Baker


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SSU Chem Club BBQ!

Don’t forget!

   Friday September 11, 2015 at 4:30pm is the SSU Chem Club BBQ! Which will be held in M-Section park (Magnolia Park). 


Directions from SSU:

                       Go on Brodway Pkwy.

                       Make a right on Middlebrook Way.

                       Go pass the Tennis courts and to the playground. You will see a bunch of SSU Chem students!


Hope to see all of you SSU Chem Students there!

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Welcome Back Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors! Welcome Freshmen to SSU!

Hello fellow SSU Chem/BioChem students! Hopefully everyone had a nice and relaxing summer, now it is time to get back into study mode!

We are having a couple of events for the month of September and October.

– September 11, 2015 we will have our SSU Chem Club BBQ in Magnolia Park at 4:30pm.

– October 22, 2015 is National Chemistry Day!

We will have more information on these two events during our Chem Club meetings. Don’t forget, our first Chem Club meeting will be on Tuesday September 1 at 12:00pm in Darwin 107 there will be FREE PIZZA. Hope to see you there!

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